Incoming email details not being captured

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Starting 9/4, we've been having issues with incoming emails.  Under "Recent Events", when I select an alert prior to 9/4, under "Properties" I have a "Details#en" entry with a value in the "Input" section.  As of 9/4, when I go to the same location and look at alerts, "Details#en" is not listed.  

In my "Communication Plan", I have a "Details" property (max size 2000 characters).  This details property is listed under the "Content" section of my form layout.  I also have it in the message itself.  When I go into the flow, and look at activity, I can see the information that I'm looking for  in the email.subject and email.plaintextBody fields.

I didn't do anything previously to associate email.subject and email.plaintextBody with "Details", and I'm not aware that I did anything that could have broken this.  But at this point all of my outgoing alerts only have the on call person's name, the event ID, and the date and time, with no other information, so they're essentially useless.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this?  Or is there an underlying issue outside of my configuration?



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  • Hi Linda,

    I'm just picking out a couple of details here to make sure they are correct:

    > It sounds like you have a component to the problem that uses Flow Designer as a way to initiate a message.
    > You have a Details property that is supposed to collect the e-mail body and post that as part of the message content.
    > The Activity Stream is showing content for the Message Body but it's not assigning it to the Details Property.

    In the e-mail content you have an E-mail HTML body and an E-mail plan text body. Does it matter which one is populated? Is it possible one is blank and that is the one expecting data? You should be able to see that from the Activity Stream details.

    When you check the properties in the form, is Details configured to be included in outbound integrations? It's in the property settings:
    ( - step 2)

    Once you do that see if the Flow Designer step now sees the extra property and asks to tie the Details to a property from the e-mail.

    Can you also let us know if anything here changed? Was this always using flow designer or did you use the legacy e-mail integration methods before and switched to flow designer?


  • Sorry for the delay in replying.  I wasn't aware that I'd changed anything that could have caused this to stop working.  When trying to get it going again I did delete the "xMatters Create Event - Send Alert" event.  After adding it back in, even after connecting it to the "Send Alert - Email" email initiation event, it doesn't let me change the recipients or associate fields (I can see the properties, there's just no place to drag them to).  I had been trying to create a communication plan from scratch when the previously working one went south.  In the new communication plan I was able to configure everything the way I expected.  After a couple minor issues it is working. Part of me is still curious as to what suddenly broke, but at this point the new plan is doing what we need so I'm not concerned.  Thanks for your help!

  • Thanks Linda!

    I'm glad to hear a new comm plan and form seems to have helped, if I had to guess the form may have gotten corrupt (rare but can happen) so without digging into specifics it doesn't hurt to do it over again and see if the behavior is the same.

    My only other thought is that something with the property ID internally changed so removing and re-adding it could have helped, failing any ability to do that yes a do-over is probably in order.



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