New JavaScript available (and what this means for you!)

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Hey JavaScripters!

This is just a heads up that recent updates to the JDK version used by the xMatters Integration Builder means that the Nashorn JavaScript engine is no longer supported. (Here's a helpful breakdown of the big differences between JDK 8 and JDK 11: )

But now you can use more modern JavaScript methods like arrow functions and default parameters.

What this means for existing integrations is that all integration scripts have to be fully JavaScript compliant. Technically, this was always the case, but Nashorn was able to accept and process some Java String methods that weren't actually proper JavaScript.

We've added handling to the scripts to make sure the most common cases are taken care of (you won't see any difference except maybe some error messages letting you know we've spotted them), but if you've got some funky scripts using Java calls that aren't valid, you might see some side effects.

Remember to make sure your integration scripts are always fully JavaScript compliant and you shouldn't have any problems.

For more about scripting in the Integration Builder, see the scripting reference here:



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