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I built a flow off an http trigger which gets called by a monitoring tool.  Before the event is created I gather some information from several systems to enrich the details of the event.

In the case of Flow Control, will it suppress any of the pre-work steps that take place before the event is created or just the event itself?



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  • Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for the question, and it's great to see that you're using the Flow Designer for your integration. By chance, which monitoring tool are you integrating with?

    To answer your question, I believe you are referring to Flood Control: https://help.xmatters.com/ondemand/installadmin/systemadministration/event-flood-control.htm.

    Event Flood Control does not apply to Flow Steps, and only applies to the event itself. By design, the Flood Control rules define how to correlate events based on property values that are apart of each inbound event. In short, event correlation can't occur until an event is created.



  • @Craig, so that would mean that if the monitoring system triggered 100 alerts to the HTTP trigger in 1 minute, the flow would get executed 100 times, but only 4 events (by default) would get created, right? Assuming they all matched the event rate filter. 

  • @Craig, thank you for the reply - 

    To answer your question regarding "Which monitoring tools?":

    • ELK Stack (Log search tool emits alerts)
    • Availability Guard
    • HP BSM
    • CA ESP (job scheduler emits alerts)

    To name a few..

  • @travis - true. But also note the window is rolling, so as long as the "rate of ingress" is sustained, the suppression window will roll. So, it could also be true of 100 events coming in 25 mins (assuming constant rate of ingress, which might not actually be the case... but is another example).


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