Tips and tricks on using your xMatters Non-Production environment

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Did you know that xMatters provides a non-production environment? This environment can be used test your communications plans and integrations before moving them to production. This post is an overview of what you can do with your non-prod in comparison to the Production environment.


A non-production environment provides the same functionality as a production environment with the exception that it doesn't have the performance optimizations included in production. The intent of a non-prod is to provide a sandbox where you can test in a safe place away from your production environment. We recommend testing with a small control group and reviewing the output for accuracy and quality. Once things are working they way you want them to you can migrate the configuration to production.

Currently you can migrate the following:

  • Communication plans and forms
  • Subscription forms and scenarios
  • Integrations that are configured in Integration Builder

You can move communication plans and messaging content. Users can be exported and later imported using the User Import feature.

Other notes:

  • xMatters will support for your non-production environment but will prioritize issues in production environments
  • Severity-1 issues are reserved for production environments however we do our best to rectify issues as quickly as possible.
  • If your intent is to complete performance testing we recommend using your production environment as this will give you a real world representation of performance



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