Leveraging Webex conferencing's international numbers

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A scenario was brought to us recently which we thought would be beneficial for the community as a whole:

You are already using configured conference bridges pointing to an external Webex conference and notice a lack of options to present international dial-in numbers to the end users. As Webex already offers a number of Global dialing numbers with their service, we want to find out how to leverage those numbers as much as possible.

We found that after installing the official "Cisco Webex Meetings" app on on a mobile phone, you can send an xMatters SMS notification with the web link for the Webex session in the Text Message body then by clicking on the web link (NOT the phone number) in the SMS message the user can switch over and open the meeting up in that app.

From the Webex app you can then pick how to connect to the audio conference, "Call me", "Call in", or "Call over Internet". Chose "Call in" then when presented with the local number an option to select "Global call-in numbers" appears.

In the "Global call-in numbers" screen you can search for a country and find a local dialing number for that country.

For clearest direction you may want to include in your SMS message some verbiage as follows:

International attendees should use the Webex app and click the link below
International callers - consult the Webex app for your dial-in number. Use this link to open:

If you found this useful or if you feel there's more we can add to the solution please comment below!




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