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Extremely new to development, playing in non-prod.  I am looking to update and delete portions of a message template.  When i attempt to delete a particular entry i get the following message "This property cannot be deleted because it is used in a message."

Having trouble finding what message it is used by.  Is there any way to tell?





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  • Hi Jonathan,

    I'm assuming you are using the web application, and either modifying the Form Layout of a Communication Plan, or perhaps editing the Properties list.

    Either way, you'll need to open the list of Forms for your plan. For each Form in the list, Edit the Messages and you'll find a list of three options: Email, SMS, and Voice. You'll need to open each one, and remove any references to the property that you want to delete. Once that's done, open the Form Layout and you can remove the property from there as well.

    When all of the references to the property are removed, you can delete the property from your plan.

    I'd recommend taking a quick walk through of the help documentation that explains designing communication plans. You can start here:




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