Don't forget to log in every month!

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Hey xMatters Free users!

Just wanted to remind everyone that you need to log into your xMatters Free instance fairly regularly if you want to keep it active. And by fairly regularly, we mean at least once a month.

We send out reminders when you've been away for a while, and even a warning that we're going to reclaim the environment when you're getting close to the limit, but you still need to log in to let us know you're actively using xMatters.

So remember to log in and check up on your instance, maybe build a new integration or investigate the new steps in Flow Designer. If you're still looking for a reason - we've got lots and lots of new features and functionality worth checking out:

xMatters Customer Support

PS - Did you know that all xMatters Free instances are automatically enrolled in the EAP program? That means you get early access to some really cool stuff!




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