Nagios Integration Agent - 302 Response Code

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I am trying to get the Nagios integration agent working with xMatters Free. I believe I have set up everything correctly after following the instructions but we are seeing a 302 response code.

I believe his means the request is being redirected bu i do not know why. Can anyone help on how to resolve it?




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  • Hi Leigh!

       Hmm interesting. The integration agent needs to be added to the access control list by our support engineers, so you will need to open a ticket here. You will need the ID of the agent, which you can see by running the IAHOME/bin/" or IAHOME/bin/iadmin.bat file. 

    But, I think if it wasn't on the ACL you would get some helpful error rather than a 302. Can you verify the <url> in the IAHOME/conf/IAConfig.xml? It should be in this format:


    If that all looks ok, can you post the relevant portion of your IAHOME/log/AlarmPoint.txt file?

    Happy Friday!
        --- Travis

  • Thanks Travis, this is resolved. I had the URL as HTTP and not HTTPS, so was being redirected.


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