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We are planning to move our database from physical to virtual SQL server and as part of this our Database server name (DNS) will change. Where should we make this change on xmatters side. I am not sire if file is the one where DB server name resides and that is the only place I will have to make changes.

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  • Hi Atul!

    I noticed you have a support ticket with us to help you with this question, with the On Premise product being our legacy offering this is likely the better way to go to get answers you are looking for. If you haven't looked into it, you might want to consider our On Demand version which is where the future of the product is going. It would allow you to not have to worry about such changes moving forward and could give you features you didn't know you wanted! 

    For anyone else who is curious, the answer is in fact yes to looking in the file using the aspecture decrypt command from an xMatters instance that has the Node component running on it. Please continue working with our experts via Support channels if you run into any troubles!


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