UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS_ERROR using basic authentication failing

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I keep getting the below error when attempting to authenticate and send an event to a form.

{"type":"UNAUTHORIZED_ACCESS_ERROR","message":"User could not be authenticated because the username or password is incorrect, the user does not exist in the targeted Company, or the Company does not exist."}

Ive create a user and set the password. The username and password are correct and if i create an integration using url authentication set to the user it works.

Ive tested using curl and i get the same error.



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  • Hey Leam,

       I think I've seen that when the Plan is not marked as enabled. Did you verify the check box is checked at the comm plan? Also make sure the user you are authenticating with has Access Permissions on the comm plan by clicking the Edit Access Permissions.

    Also make sure you can login to the UI with those credentials. You might not be able to see much depending on the roles you've granted but it should at least get you in the door. 

    If all that checks out, open up a support ticket so we can get another set of eyes on it. 

    Happy Monday!


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