is the site feature available in xmatters?

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I can not see the Admin tab and would like to set up different sites



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  • just to clarify - XMatters Free

  • Thanks for the great question Jeffrey, at this moment there isn't a lot of information on what gets removed from xMatters Free when it gets converted from a trial. You are correct, the Admin tab contains the Sites configuration and that does seem to not be available on the Free platform.


    I am getting some better information on this, sit tight until we come back and confirm what options exist for managing Sites on Free and what the intent is with the Free product. If memory serves it was targeted for a smaller audience of a few users so the concept of sites was less relevant in that context.


    I would encourage you to consider if you are looking at a larger implementation to look at the paid version which would unlock all of the product features and allow you to administer Sites and other aspects of the instance.

  • It may take a bit of time to get the details so in the meantime I am including some information for you and other community visitors to have.

    If you are interested in the paid options, here are a few resources you can look at:

    Pricing details and features (see the FAQ section at the bottom of the page also for some additional information as well about xMatters Trial and xMatters Free):

    Contact our Sales team:

    If you would like for us to connect you directly let us know and we can help liaise you to the right people. Just ask!


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