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 I think it would be super useful to have a central location that hosed a series of universal functions that I intend to use regularly across multiple communication plans. 

Instead of having to redefine them for each plan, is it possible to have one shared library that contains them all and then just simply import that file wherever needed? 



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  • Hey Michael,

    Just wanted to let you know that we have a couple of existing Accepted Enhancement Requests that covers this ask.  I have added you're company to the list of customers that are interested in that capability.

  • Hi Michael,

    Recently, We have released two new endpoints in our REST API that would make managing changes easier to automate. The API references are located on

    You'll find that the API allows you fetch a list of shared libraries for a specific communication plan or search for a list of shared libraries across communication plans. I'd like to highlight that the script content is encoded using base64, which can be easily decoded in most languages.

    We're also adding the ability to create new shared libraries, or modify existing scripts which would be useful for pushing updates across communication plans. Again, I'd like to highlight that the script content is expected to be encoded using base64. We decode the script content on the server before applying the changes. You'll see this endpoint published later today.

    Of course you would need to write something to automate the process you want but it opens the possibilities for alternative solutions. For instance, one communication plan could be used as a master source for other communication plans, or you might consider storing scripts in a version control system and using the APIs to sync changes.

    Just a couple of ideas but I hope this helps.



  • We would be very interested in this functionality as well.

  • Piling on here. We've also released the shared library API, which would allow for creating and updating of the shared libraries. So you could have a build process that triggers on a commit of this code to your git repo and fires to all the relevant comm plans. Using git would give you the added advantage of versioning and tracking better than what we could do. 

    With that said, we are working on many improvements in this area, especially with the launch of flow designer


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