How to block form from being sent, instead go first to outbound script for custom processing

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I am trying to achieve the following:

I have 2 forms. Once is accessible by Users the other to be triggered by the Integration Building alone.

When the first form is submitted by a User, they will include a list of recipients. I would like to block this form from being sent to that list and instead send the payload for this form (including the recipients - unable to do this so far) to the Outbound Integration.

Once there, I will then build a new payload based on this information to trigger this other form like I normally do elsewhere. 

The big issue for me is two-fold:

1) Block the initial form submission from going out

2) Access the recipient field from the outbound integration

Thanks :)



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  • Hey Michael,

       That's creative :D What is your use case? Currently there isn't a way, using a message panel, to block the notifications from going out :( One really ugly way to do it is to create a new text field and have your users enter the recipients in there and then enter no recipients to the form. Yea, not pretty, I know. 

    As for getting the recipients, you can make a call to GET /event/{eventID} and use the "?embed=recipients" parameter. 

    If you can shed some light on your use case maybe we can find another way around it?

    Happy Wednesday!
       --- Travis

  • Hey Michael,

    Just to add on to what Travis explained... when asking for the recipients via the GET /event/{eventID} REST call, you actually need to use this variant: "?embed=recipients&targeted=true".  This will ensure that you get back the targetName(s) of the Recipients (e.g. Groups) as specified on the Message Panel.  Otherwise, you will get the individual recipients that the system resolved from the targeted recipients. 

    For example, if you chose two groups as the Targeted recipients, but did not use the "&targeted=true" variant, you would actually get back the on-call user(s) for the targeted groups.

    Hope that makes sense/helps.

    Kind regards,


  • Yep. I actually got this going yesterday just before leaving for that day. Thanks for the help on this matter guys. For anyone else, I basically just added the eventIdentifier property from the callback into a new payload and then passed that to my Inbound integration. From there, I used it to fetch the event along with all of the recipients, created a new payload again and then triggered the appropriate form, now with new information consisting of all of the recipients from the first sent out form.

    Thanks for the work around guys!


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