How to view data from manually submitted form

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Hey guys,

I am new to xMatters but am trying to learn quickly here. Here is my use-case:

I have a communication plan which contains a form for users to submit. My ultimate end goal is trigger an additional separate email to be sent out if a specific field from the first, user submitted, form contains 1 of an array of possible selections (drop down field). 

What I have started doing is to build an inbound integration that runs a script once the form is submitted. Ideally, in this script I could check to see if the field is that one I need and then in some way call on another form, likely through some kind of POST API request. 

To write that code though, I need to know what the structure of this request body looks like. So, any idea on how I can view the contents of that? Nothing seems to be working.

I appreciate the help in advance you guys!!





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  • I think what you want is an outbound integration on the original submitted form. The trigger would be on Event status, and you’d check for the specific status for new events to trigger your new form. If you go into the Layout designer of your form you can specify for any property to be included in the payload of our callbacks/triggers, making it available in the outbound integration. I’ll provide exact language when I can get into the product and look it up.



  • Got it, thanks Doug. However, I am still unable to get anything to log in the activity log for the outbound integration. Not sure what is causing this. I made sure to include that field into the outbound integration like you suggested, and then set it up based on your recommendation but it's still giving me issues. Thanks for the help :)

  • Hi Michael,
    I have a Shared Library with an example Comm Plan for form chaining that you may find useful.
    Also, if you will be at Flow in Chicago next week, my colleague Saqib and I are doing a session on this subject on Wednesday afternoon.
    Hope this helps,

  • Wonderful! The above worked like a charm. Thanks Jordan!


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