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We have a user who is unable to get his Android app connected to his xMatters account. Every time he clicks the link to scan the QR code, the app crashes with message "xMatters has stopped". He is able to log in manually, but doing so does not add the Android device to his account so he is unable to configure alert notifications to be sent to the app. He has tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and he has checked all of the app permissions. Is there some other way to set up his Android device?



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  • Hey Laura!
       Yea, that's a bummer. Do you have any details as to what version of android? It's usually under settings > System. I reached out to the appropriate people and I'll see if we can get more details. 

    Happy Tuesday!
       --- Travis

  • As a possible work around, see if the users can check the notification settings of the App once he is logged in, it is likely turned off, and usually when you turn it on, it will prompt you for a device name, and at that point will add to their device list.

  • Is anyone else able to add their xMatters account to the app on another device? 

    Besides the version of Android being used, what type of device is being used (eg: Samsung s7, OnePlus, other?)?

  • Laura,


    I noticed that you also posted this in a support case that our support system Auto Closed:

    We are running a trial this weekend and expect at least a couple of alerts. Unfortunately, we are not getting consistent notifications on the app on either iPhone or Android.

    On the android device, the sound isn't playing at all (yes, we've gone through notification setup and tested the sound there). The alert arrives in the Inbox, but there is no sound to notify.

    On the iPhone, the alert will sound if the phone ringer is on, most of the time. However, a few times, we've found that even with the ringer on, the alert only sounds if the xMatters app is already open when the alert arrive.

    Can you also give us device details about these devices, and if the master volume for the device is fully muted?




  • Just got answers from the user with these problems. He is running Android 7.1.1 on an HTC 11, and he says notifications are already enabled in the app. Other users are not having this problem (we have successful configurations on both iPhone and Android by other users).

    Regarding the support case we filed, we need to do more testing to document the inconsistencies we're seeing with iPhone audible alerting. Ignore the Android portion of this closed support case... it wasn't alerting because the user did not have the mobile device configured for alerts. That's the issue we're asking for help on here in this forum. We have one user where the Android alerting is working fine, as that user was able to successfully add the Android mobile device. But we still have the one user who can't get his Android app connected for alerting.

    Thanks all!



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