Can I hook Messaging to an Inbound Integration?

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We want to do some automatic operations when someone uses Messaging to send an event for a specific form.  For example, if the user doesn't include a hipchat room, either create or add one and include the URL in the event to the recipient.  We want to do the same thing when someone sends an issue an xMatters inbound integration.  Is there a way to hook Messaging on a specific form within a Communication Plan to an Inbound Integration to that plan?

BTW, I've hooked the same functionality to an outbound integration but we end up creating a second event (so the user gets the updates) but there are problems since the only way forward there appears to be event duplication.



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  • Hey Kirk, yea, I hear you. Right now, no, we can't send an event generated through the xM UI to the integration builder. But, as you found, you can use the Integration Builder to fire another event. In some cases, you might also be able to use an outbound event for "Event status update" trigger for "callback.status == 'active'" which represents a new event sent from either the UI or from the API (or the agent for that matter). 

    We have an enhancement request open for this (PM-4280) and I've added your name to it. I'll send it around the product managers and see if we can get them to re-evaluate it. I know we are looking to unify the inbound endpoints so I'm wondering if this will get swept up in that work. 

  • The elves in product management are also listening and agree the use case is interesting. We've got a lot of new stuff we are working on in terms of new integration behaviors, and we'll see how we might add this to the list.

  • Thanks Travis and Doug!  Eagerly awaiting the outcome!


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