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Hi Team,

One of the features we are trying to provide in our integration between hipchat and xMatters is to allow an event to be responded to from the hipchat room. I know that we can use the API to update status, but we are specifically interested in using the API to provide a response with an annotation that can be seen in the Event dashboard of the xMatters UI. Is this something anyone has experience doing via an inbound integration?





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  • Hey Chris. I hear you. We have a request for this already (PM-4778) and parts of it are in flight. We're still working through a couple things such as how exactly to get all the info you need to be able to respond. For example, it isn't enough just to say you want to respond to Event 332211, we have to know what group and team you are responding on behalf of. 

    So it is in flight, but we don't have a good timeline for completion. I've added a link to this post to the PM and documented the request. 

  • Hey Chris, follow up question that we are trying to sort out. 

    With an API call, you are authenticating as a user who has a permission to do the action requested. However, with this kind of "response API", we have to have a user context so we know who is responding. We've identified two options (if you have other ideas, we're open) and we're trying to sort out the pros and cons of each:

    1. Have a "master" user who can respond as anyone. This makes the "who" part of who we're responding as easy because we can just make it a field in the payload. However, you could get into sticky situations where a user can claim they did or did not respond to a notification and say the API did it for them. 
    2. Actually authenticate as the user who is responding. This is pretty icky in terms of storing credentials in the client application. We could do an OAuth kind of thing, but that has an entire workflow on our end to host. 

    I'm sure there are other issues with both of these that I haven't thought of, so I'd like to get your take on which makes sense for your use case. 

    Happy Friday!


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