Trigger an event using inbound integration

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    I am using xmatters inbound integration for triggering an event, I got "requestId" as response but event not triggered.I am not sure where to investigate, Can you suggest me.





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  • Hey Pradeep!

       That's good. That means your request made it into the inbound integration. On the integration builder tab of your comm plan, expand the Inbound Integrations and click the gear icon. This little menu will have the Integration URL which you should already have, but it also has an "Activity Stream". This shows all the http traffic in and out of the script. If you need further debugging you can also use "console.log( 'my message here');" to write info to that activity stream. 

    Details on the activity stream:

    Happy Hunting!

       --- Travis

  • Hi Travis,

              How to trigger an event using inbound integration? I didn't get any mail from xmatters regarding event happen. In active stream i am able see event with "requestId" but actual event is not triggered.



  • Pradeep, 

       When you first create an inbound integration, choose "Create an xMatters Event" and there will be sample code for creating an event. The code uses the POST /trigger API call, so you'll need to build the properties and recipients. 

    The Getting Integrated Guide has some good articles on the various details of building integrations. In particular, check out this one on creating events from an inbound payload. 

    Here is a bit of the sample code that comes when you first create a new "Create an xMatters Event" inbound integration:

    // Parse data from incoming payload and construct the trigger object
    // = data.Importance;
    // = data.Summary;
    //['Incident ID'] = data['Incident ID'];

    // Define recipients
    var recipients = [];
    // Add a recipient targeting a user or group
    'targetName': 'Operations'
    // Add a recipient targeting specific devices
    'targetName': 'bsmith',
    'devices': ['Work Email', 'Work Phone']
    trigger.recipients = recipients;

    // Post trigger to form


    "trigger" is just the event payload that has some items already populated. You will set the properties and recipients, then make the call to "". 

    I hope that helps!

        --- Travis

  • Hi Travis,

           Thanks for your updates.


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