Throttle incoming inbound integration

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We are trying to use an integration to do one or both of the following:

1) Use the Event ID from previous notification to determine if an event is a duplicate and prevent the form from being initiated for repeat items


2) prevent a form being initiated for x amount of time via the inbound integration after a notification is sent out

I think we can do the first option by having the event id included in the JSON payload and using the GET function of the API within the transform script to see if the event ID is returned as active, but not sure what to do with it to prevent the form from initializing after that.

Pretty lost on how to do the second option.

If anyone has done something similar or has an Idea on how to either of these your help would be very much appreciated.





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  • Hey Chris!

         Yea, I hear you. We have it on the roadmap, currently for this year, but subject to change, to add "Filtering & Suppression" that would allow you to match incoming events against each other and if matches are found, disregard the new ones. 

    In the shorter term, we are reworking the GET event service to allow searching for events based on properties. Once that is released, you would be able to make an HTTP call to see if there are existing active events out there and then decide to create the new event or not. 

    I think there were some internal discussions around this as well. I'll see what else I can dig up from the field. 

    Sorry I don't have better info for you :(

    Happy Friday though!

       --- Travis


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