API request to get event properties?

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Happy Holidays! Hope you all had a great new year :)

Myself and Dave are looking to further our use of the integration builder but believe we have hit a stumbling block and are looking for confirmation.

We want to put a request into the API and pull out the value of a previous events property. We have noticed using the endpoint "/api/xm/1/events/{eventID]" does everything but this.

Is this possible? Had a look through the community online and unsure.

Thanks! George



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  • George-


    Currently, our API does not have this functionality.   As you noted it does everything else but expose event related properties.

    There is a submitted enhancement request:  PM-4082.  You can help us get further momentum behind it by using your assigned CSM/Sales channel to voice your need for this functionality in our system. 

    Unfortunately, for now, access to event properties objects via the REST API is not possible.

  • A bit more digging... the latest associated change request is COR-5526.

    - It is active/accepted in the feature backlog, but not committed to a release as of yet.

  • Excellent, thanks Guillermo - I've sent a message to our CSM Jamie Malin with the details.




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