How to set handling priority in Integration Builder Inbound integration

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In an inbound integration I would like to set the handling priority so that different inbound messages (from hipchat) get different priorities and can be routed in different ways.  Some should result in a phone call, others maybe just an email.

I added Handling to the Form layout.  But I get an error when I try setting to anything.  What am I missing?



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  • Hey Kirk,

       To set the priority of the event, you have to reference the top level priority. So it would be "trigger.priority". Note that this value should be low, medium or high, so you might need to do some mapping. 

    More details on where the priority is in the structure can be found here:

    Happy Thursday!
       --- Travis


  • Thanks Travis!  Looks like that works.  If I wanted to add that priority to the a user message "Priority high - the sky is falling" is there a way to make direct use of the trigger.priority field.  I could add a "request_priority" property in my form and map it in, or directly add it to text in another property...



  • Yea, no access to that value directly. I think I saw an enhancement request floating around about giving more "meta data" access in the form messages. I'll see if I can track it down and add priority there. 

    But yea, as you mention, just copying the value into a new property and using that should be fine. You also might be interested in this article on changing color values based on stuff in the properties. Great for visually flagging high priority stuff:



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