The Default.p12 file and xMatters CASD integrations

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There have been several open cases asking how to configure/create the CASD DEFAULT.p12 file.  Here is a quick doc to help you get that set up..


To implement loginServiceManaged in Java

1. Start the CA SDM service.
2. Run pdm_pki -p DEFAULT. DEFAULT.p12 is created in the current directory. This policy will have the password equal to the policy name (in this case DEFAULT). Note: This command will also add the Certificate's public key to the field pub_key field (public_key attribute) in the sapolicy table/object.
3. Log into CA SDM and select the Administration tab. Navigate to Web Services Policy, Policies. The Web Services Access Policy List appears.
4. Click DEFAULT. The Update Web Services Access Policy appears.
5. Complete the Proxy Contact field (in this example, ServiceDesk) and confirm that the DEFAULT policy record Has Key field displays "Yes."
6. Copy DEFAULT.p12 (from the directory where command pdm_pki is executed), the JSP file called pkilogin.jsp and the HTML file called pkilogin.htm (from the $NX_ROOT\samples\sdk\websvc\java\test1_pki directory) to the following directory: $NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\webapps\axis
7. Open the HTML form (from the axis directory). For example, http://localhost:8080/axis/pkilogin.htm Complete the appropriate fields. Note: The Directory field identifies the location of the Certificate file. Modify the path to the correct location.
8. Click Log me in! The results page opens.

NOTE: Pages 923-924 of the CA Service Desk Manager Techincal Reference Guide (Release 12.7.00) has instructions provided by CA for creating this file as well.




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