IA Upgrade Cliff Notes... (For those of us that are too impatient to read through the full IA Admin Guide or other docs on this site)

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Steps to upgrade your IA from 5.1.x to 5.1.7...

Summary: Strategy is to install new IA bits in a parallel area, migrate the integration and configuration bits from the current to the new, test/verify the new installation and decommission the old. 


  • Download and stage the IA and IA Utils bits from the following link: https://support.xmatters.com/hc/en-us/articles/207605123-xMatters-Integration-Agent-5-1-patch-007-release-notes
    • Extract the IA bits into a parallel folder... The new integration bits will extract into their own folder
    • Extract the IA Utils into the new IA location (under integrationservices)
  • Copy the specific integration bits for your integrations, which are always under integrationservices folder.  For example: controlm20, bmcremedyincident,emailintegration, generic,etc)
    • Copy the pertinent config files from the current conf folder to the new conf folder.  (i.e IAConfig file, deduplicator, keystore, controlm pwd, log4j, proxy related files...)
  • Test the new setup: shutdown the old, start up the new (via bin/start_console using a command prompt window, as Admin). Check for any stack traces... Fix any issues, if they pop up... Use control+c to shutdown the IA from the console.
  • Run the iadmin get-status command to confirm status (from bin folder)

NOTE: The status for each domain should say 'ACTIVE', the queues should all be at '0' and the overall status of the IA should say 'PRIMARY_ACCEPTED'

  • Once, satisfied, shutdown all IA processes, once again.
  • Remove the old IA windows services (using the remove_service batch file in the bin folder)
  • Install the new IA windows service (using hte install_service batch file)
  • Start up the new IA with from the Command Prompt window (via start_service batch file)
  • Run the iadmin get-status command to confirm status (from bin folder)
  • Log into endpoint mentioned at the bottom of the iadmin command output...
    • In the xMatters UI: Developer tab | Event domains
    • Check each event domain related to each integration
    • In the Event Domain Details page for each, towards the bottom there is a section called Integration Agent... The agent should be ACTIVE.

That's it! It's bit of manual process, but once you've done it, it's quite repeatable.

Best of luck upgrading your  IAs. If you run into any issues, xMatters Support is always available to help!




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