Challenge for scriptures out there...if you think your good, script this...

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So first up, I'm not someone who can easily punch out quality javascript, if you are then you're already better than me, and to you I say prove it!

I want a script or JavaScript integration which can be run either standalone or as an integration service off the IA which will allow me to sync contact, group/team, roster information (including group supervisor info, roles, permissions, etc), Comms plans, subscriptions, between my on demand prod environment and my on-demand non-prod environment. The existing export / Import of groups does not include group supervisor or observer info which for us is key.

I have seen many people ask or request this over the years, it would be one of the most useful utilities/tools to ever exist in the xMatters continuum!!  With the capability delivered by the app suite from xMatters it must be doable - It maybe simple, complex or even an extension of the existing EPIC tool, I don't know.

so that's it, there is a challenge, build me a script and I shall give you kudos!





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  • "scriptures" ha. 

    This is a really cool idea. I think the first step is to break down the major components and list out what needs to come over. I can edit this post as we identify more artifacts or need to tweak the existing ones. 


    • Name
    • Description
    • Shifts
    • Members


    • username
    • First and Last Name
    • Roles
    • Devices

    Comm Plans

    • The whole thing...



    I was hoping we might be able to do this with the Integration Builder, but I suspect we'll run into timeout issues, as each script can only run for 60 seconds... unless we can figure out a way to chain them together. 



    1. No API for retrieving nor updating Comm Plans



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