xMatters - servicenow (worknotes update)

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G'day Community team,

Service now integrations and xMatters workflow are working fine as per our requirements. 

Query No.1 :

xMatters logs are admirably updating in ServiceNow work notes.

Is there any possibility that we can modify & showcase the work-notes comments updating in ServiceNow in a user-friendly way?


1. [xMatters] - Injected notification with xM event ID 978536a3-64b5-4473-8afe-662f372039e8 targeting (xMatters)

We need to modify this statement in our own words. Is this possible?  


Query No.2 :

While receiving IVR 

"Hello, This is xMatters" - We are satisfied with this voice.

"Press any number to hear your message" - We need to suppress this voice. 

I could understand that we can modify the IVR voice recognition in the below picture, but is there any options that we can suppress the "Press any number to hear your message" content. Please advise?







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