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tldr: is any one actively using the xm-labs-cisco-prime?

I've just followed the instruction steps to set up Cisco Prime connection to xMatters. The instruction are very badly written and require some interoperation but I think I got thorough it.

Problem is, it's not working for me and I have the added complexity of running the agent inside a Docker, there is no log output (linked to /dev/stdout)

Before I start putting real work into getting this up and running I just want to make sure this code is working, it has not been touched in 3 years and there is no activity.



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  • I got the logging to work this is the error I'm getting (Id removed):

     [pool-1-thread-1] com.xmatters.xagent.services.InboundRequestQueueExecutionService INFO --- xMatters cloud queueing service responded with error code 411 LENGTH_REQUIRED action=INBOUND_REQUEST_ATTEMPTED requestId=xxxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx statusCode=411 LENGTH_REQUIRED 


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