XMatters 5.1.3 and BEM Bidirectional Interface

We do use the „old“ BMC Impact Manager interface. The documentation says the following:

To annotate a BMC IM incident from the Callout scripts:
1. Open the AlarmPoint Developer IDE.
2. Check out the Production Callout Script Package.
3. Open the callout CONTACT script and the authenticate INTERACTION script.
4. Add the following lines of at the end of both scripts:
IF( $initiatingEvent.agent_client_id == "bmcimxap" )
@session::respondToNotification( $notId, "callout_annotate " & $message_note )
Note: If the SendAnnotationMessage is already in the callout scripts due to another integration, update it with logic to
handle when the agent_client_id equals “bmcimxap”.
5. Locate the code section that sends an ExternalServiceMessage.
6. Add the following lines after the message is added to the ServiceMessage object, and after the send method is
executed on the object:
$message_note = $connectionEventMessage.message
GOSUB SendAnnotationMessage
7. Repeat the previous two steps for each section that sends an ExternalServiceMessage.
Note: There should be a total of 10 code segments that require updatin: eight in the callout script, and two in the
authenticate script.
The following is an example of an enhanced segment of code:
$connectionEventMessage.message = "Callout to " & $targetName & " successful (" &
$result & ")."
$message_note = $connectionEventMessage.message
GOSUB SendAnnotationMessage

Trouble is that the in the doc mentioned script is different to the format of the new Xmatters. So which scripts of the default installation do I have to modify ?




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