HP ITSM/xMatters OnPrem 5.1.3 Integraton - Set Timeout on Severity?


I'm trying to see if there is a way in the action scripts I can edit the timeout based on the severity of the ticket?

We do not want high tickets to escalate, but we do want them to notify.

In other words, if it's a HIGH ticket , I want a 5 min timeout.
If it's a Critical ticket, I want a 4 hour timeout.

I've tried editing the initial script, and adding the following to OptionalConfiguration:
IF ( event.severity == "1 - critical" ) #note lower case
$main.timeout = 86400
IF ( event.severity == "2 - high" )
$main.timeout = 500

This causes the event to error, and not notify.

Does anybody have any thoughts?


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