Question on setDeviceNameFilters

Hi, i have added the setdevicenamefilters code in the action script and specified to notify only "work email"

even then, it notifies all the contacts for the user.
Can you help me fix this..

here is the code from action scripts

if ($event.MsgLevel == "RED" )
$content.choices = "Acknowledge"

enable email only

@notification::setDeviceNameFilters("Work Email")

Below is the report log

00:39:34.547 Starting Event 7,400,022, for incident INCIDENT_ID-7400022, and domain XXXXXXXX
00:39:34.575 Creating Notification(s)
00:39:34.577 Notifying John Pereira (XXXXXXXX)
00:39:34.640 John Pereira (XXXXXXXX) has 2 notifiable Device(s)
00:39:34.655 John Pereira - Work Email will be notified
00:39:34.655 John Pereira - Work Phone will be notified
00:39:34.656 John Pereira - Work Email is Active
00:39:34.724 John Pereira - Work Email - Notification will be processed by TI_SMTP_PROVIDER
00:39:34.724 John Pereira - Work Phone is Active
00:39:34.755 John Pereira - Work Phone - Notification will be processed by SIP Test
00:39:35.806 John Pereira - Work Email - Notification delivered on AP Application NODE1


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