Various 'usabilty' issues when navigating xMatters on Demand


I was going to post this as a support, but I'd like to get some feedback from other users as well as when it comes to administration of xMatters, I find it very, very clunky. Here are my main pain points, please feel free to add or expand on them as you see fit:

Deleting users: When trying to delete a user - there are several problems. If the user has any active subscriptions, you cannot delete them. This seems strange - I'm trying to delete the user as xMatters is available from anywhere and these users are no longer with the company and I do not want them to have access. I have just tried this and the only way around this is to log in as them and delete their subs (more on this later). However, if a user is an 'admin' you cannot log in as them. To quickly resolve this issue, I just unchecked the 'active' box in their account. Bad idea. I removed their admin role from their profile so I could log in as them, only now I can't log in as them because their account is no longer active. Site admins should be able to delete users, regardless of their current subscriptions.

Subscriptions: To be able to modify a subscription, you have to log in as that user. It would be far better if group supervisors could achieve this from their own account as they cannot log in as other users, so it's down to an administrator to do. This is problematic when it's multiple users as you have to log in as them, edit the sub, log out as them, log back in as yourself, go to the next user and repeat.

Now, you can have the managers of the group create a subscription and share it with their team - but by default, it does not subscribe them to the shared sub. Some of our executives are never going to log into xMatters, so it makes more sense to be able to control things like this from an admin or group supervisor account. Even more strangely, if you share a subscription with a user, but do not give them 'subscribe|unsubscribe' permisssions - they can see the subscription in their account, but they cannot turn it on. Does that mean you would share the sub, wait for them to activate it, then turn the option to sub|unsub off? This whole process needs a lot of work. I understand that there's going to be a concern about someone subscribing people without their permission, but why not do it like the 'text message device' setup and email the user to tell them about the subscription and then have the subscription turned on by default and the email asking them if they want to 'opt out'.

Logging in as User: This one is pretty simple, when I go to a user account and choose to log in as them, when I log out of their account, xMatters should just return me to my account instead of having me log back in again. Or at least an option to 'return to original user'. Now, in saying this, if some of the above issues were fixed, I'd have less reason to log in as another user - but still, it makes far more sense to go back to the original account instead of being kicked from the system completely.

I think that's about it for now. Apologies for the rant, I've been working on these for a while and I would like to see what other users have to say about this, if they have better solutions to the problems I'm facing - and also for the xMatters devs to take these 'enhancements' under consideration for future releases.



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