Configuring an event domain to be dedicated to a specific user group

Hi all, I'm trying to configure an additional 'application' Event domain which can be used be a group of users which id prefer be kept seperate from the rest in terms of event visibility.
I've created the new event domain but I can't figure out how I make it so that this group of users use t instead of the existing 'applications' Event domain which came configured with our deployment... I assume it's to do with message domains however I keep getting a denied access error which support tell me has now been taken away for user land folks.
One of the main reasons I'm trying to do this is to seperate out events appearing on the dashboard from one group clogging up the view for everyone else. Originally I tried configuring a search but without being able to specifically exclude (only include) it makes the maintainable overhead too much as I have to update the filter every time there is a new message syntax... Would be far easier to simply filter in the event domain or not filter as the case may be.

Hope someone has an idea...


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