Data load script using REST API add "externalKey" to groups

Hi, we are using the CA SDM Data Load via our integration agent and need to make use of the "externalKey" field which is available when using the REST API.

Ideally I am looking for a ready made piece of JavaScript which could convert the SOAP xml string which gets constructed to add/update/query a group into a ready string which could be sent to the REST API endpoint.

however if that is not possible then is there someone who could write a javascript include which I could call that simply queries and updates the externalKey field independently as I could then use that to query if a group exists based on the external key field and use the existing SOAP data load scripts for doing the adding/updating of all the other fields...?

The driver  behind this is we have just gone through an organisational restructure and the group names in our management system will be changing which need to reflect in Xmatters. Updating manually is not an option as we have 100's of groups already configured with rosters etc.


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