Rest API - Get whos on duty 409 conflict

I am attempting to pull a list of who's on duty from the REST API in order to provide this information to my helpdesk admins at a glance.

I am able to successfully query MOST groups calendar using this method - curl --user username "https://acmeco.xmatters.com/api/xm/1/groups/IT/calendar" however in some cases I get a (409) Conflict response.

I've looked at the groups that are returning the error and it appears that shared overlapping shifts may be causing this problem, in my case at least. When viewing the shifts from the GUI I receive this message "This team is shared by another shift: xxxxxxxxx"

I need to find a way around this because we have associates located around the globe and in some cases our overseas associates may be on at the same time as our US based associates.

1. Is there any way to return multiple shifts per calendar?

2. Is there any way to identify shifts by group instead of name?

Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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