Trigger an integration from a message

Question as to whether or not this is possible. We would like to use xMatters for an approval process that's currently being done through email.

Here's the scenario:

1. Specific users go into xMatters and fill out a message template/form and send it

2. Based on lists in the form that were selected before being sent, we'd write an integration to specify what groups in xMatters the event gets triggered to.

3. Approver would respond to that message. Integration would then take that response and send out another notification saying that someone already responded so others don't need to.

The only issue i have is with figuring out if it's possible to trigger an integration based on a message being sent from xMatters. I only see four different types of triggers in the outbound integrations, none of which would indicate this is possible. Unless there's a possible workaround i'm not thinking of?


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