Viewing Past On-Call Schedules



We're relatively new to the xMatters platform, and a transitioning off a legacy alerting platform.

Our staff on call are paid a differential, and I have several requests from managers of teams in xMatters to go back and view their on call schedule for a particular week (usually it's within the previous 30 day period as managers are validating payroll).

Unfortunately, when I talked to xMatters support they said there is currently no way in the platform to do this. :(  I understand not keeping years of on call scheduling data, but keeping none at all seems like a pretty serious feature deficiency.

Anyway, it seems like right now our only option is to have teams managing their schedule in a separate platform that is capable of keeping a schedule history, or have teams manually exporting their schedule every week (blerg, it's 2018).

Before pursuing one of those highly undesireable options, I thought I'd reach out to the community to see if anyone had done anything with the xM API to export all teams schedules automatically? It's far less than ideal, but at least that way we might have a history should payroll/finance come calling.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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