SCOM & xMatters integration not picking up machine names

 Hi all,


I have been working on a issue for a period of time and have an investigation open with xMatters. 

But I wanted to also get tips and advise from here.


I have deployed the 2016 integration for SCOM from xMatters in our environment.

The out of the box integration from xMatters works like the following - alerts come into xMatters, The agent selects the 'Alert Source' as well as a number of other fields.

SCOM has alert source like the following.

C: - Low on memory

IDC09XXX: - Low on memory (where IDC09XXX is the machine name)

As you can see some alerts we have no idea what the machine is and some we do, this is just how SCOM is and this works via Management packs from Microsoft. So for the alert that says C: - Low on memory, this type of alert would not be very helpful to us.


I made a slight change to accommodate this by amending the command to include the machine name. This works but not for all alerts. Particularly the SQL alerts. I cannot see why this works for some alerts and not for others. Once I remove the amended code, then it starts picking up all alerts but then we dont know what the machine names are. Everything in the configuration is working and set up.

I think its the case of perhaps these alerts look a bit different to what the integration agent is expecting, as a result it is not picking it up. 

I wanted to see what other members using SCOM have come around this problem and what you did to resolve this problem I am having. Because I don't see how the information in the alert would be useful without reference to which machines are being effected for all alerts.


Many thanks



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