Selecting site recipients from list vs map pins

We are building out our xM BCM Sites/Groups/Teams etc and I wonder if other customers have found it problematic that Sites can only be selected as recipients through the "Site Recipients" section and not within the "Recipients" section?

We have country and state level "remote office" sites globally that will not have a valid/precise geo code so they will not appear on the map and if they did, it would be an inaccurate forced position. 

I know we can create a redundant set of Dynamic Teams to mirror the "Sites" so they can be selected through the "Recipients" section but when we're doing BCM we'd like to reduce the complexity/redundancy to minimize potential mistakes and confusion. We also have > 100 sites that clutter the dynamic team list.

How have others addressed this?

xM: is there a reason sites are not part of the "recipients" type choices by design? Is there an enhancement request for this functionality?



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