xmatters Cherwell integration call for category level

In reference with support ticket 135378, We have performed changes on xMatters and Cherwell tool integration and configured category level escalation, while working on that few functionality doesn't look like user friendly, if you can help me with below question answer that will be helpful:

  1. Every user has to setup the category in his/her profile in order to get the calls/mails for high severity issue. Creates user dependency instead of ASCENT group (which should be primary)
  2. If one L2 module lead is on leave, then every time we have to remove all the subscriptions for the lead and add to backup lead (time consuming and additional effort)
  3. We do not have any provision of multiple level escalations. For e.g. now if I am setup as the 1st POC and I do not respond then next contact is XYZ person. But we cannot setup this level with new process (this is very important for not missing any SLAs and issues)
  4. NOC does not have any options to select category to initiate the call/mails for the high severity issue



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