SolarWinds 400 Bad Request Error

Hi all,

Any suggestions on how I can conduct more in-depth troubleshooting with this issue.  SolarWinds attempted to send a notification out to xMatters but the xMatters logs shows an error when processing it:

I checked the Command Line argument that SolarWinds uses and it seems good (i.e., used with other type of notifications without issue):

D:\xMatters\integrationagent-\bin\APClient.bin.exe --map-data "applications|solarwinds" "Network Technical Services" "${N=Alerting;M=Severity}" "${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption}${N=Alerting;M=AlertDefID}" "${AlertName}" "${Status}" "${NodeName}" "${Node.IP_Address}" "${_1_Region} ${_2_Building} ${_3_Closet}" "BGP Neighbor Down"

Any other suggestions on what I can look at?




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