How to view data from manually submitted form

Hey guys,

I am new to xMatters but am trying to learn quickly here. Here is my use-case:

I have a communication plan which contains a form for users to submit. My ultimate end goal is trigger an additional separate email to be sent out if a specific field from the first, user submitted, form contains 1 of an array of possible selections (drop down field). 

What I have started doing is to build an inbound integration that runs a script once the form is submitted. Ideally, in this script I could check to see if the field is that one I need and then in some way call on another form, likely through some kind of POST API request. 

To write that code though, I need to know what the structure of this request body looks like. So, any idea on how I can view the contents of that? Nothing seems to be working.

I appreciate the help in advance you guys!!




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