Provide a "clear, reset or multi-select delete" option in recipient section

Enhancement request: Provide a "clear, reset or multi-select (all) delete" option in the message form's recipient section.

Use-case / problem statement: In a mass BCM notification event, including 100's or 1k's of recipients, you may need to expand the targeted groups/teams to review and refine the list of recipients, deleting some recipients, before sending. Once the message is sent, you need to repeat the same event message for additional recipients that were either missed or other groups that should be monitored separately. 

Using the "Duplicate" function to save time and avoid mistakes brings forward the entire set of expanded recipients. The only way to reset the recipients is to manually "X" delete each recipient, one at a time.  This becomes unmanageable and requires the ER Team to compose a new message from scratch.


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