MS Teams Toolchains

From Bud's post here.

This is Bud Rahe from Reed Elsevier.  We are very interested in the MS Teams integration.  Do you need a test partner? 

Some of the functionality we would like to see implemented is outlined below.  Can you tell us which of these will be available in the first release?

  1. Launch a MS Teams session for an active ServiceNow Incident through xMatters with a single click.
  2. xMatters groups/users are then notified to join Teams session
  3. xMatters users can join the Teams session with a single click
  4. One or more xMatters Conference Bridges can be auto launched for all or some participants invited to the MS Teams session and they can join the xMatters conference bridge with a single click 
  5. MS Teams Chat room dialog is recorded during Teams session and is attached to the Incident Ticket in ServiceNow
  6. Audio portion of xMatters Conference Bridge is captured and attached to the Incident Ticket in ServiceNow
  7. Audio portion of xMatters Conference Bridge is converted to a text transcript using voice to text translation and the transcript is attached to the Incident Ticket in ServiceNow
  8. Have the ability to have multiple MS Teams sessions (chat rooms) associated with a single ServiceNow Incident
  9. While browsing through a ServiceNow Incident Ticket Action Diary, Chat Room Text File, Conference Bridge Audio Recording or Conference Bridge Voice to Text Transcript File - all playback files are time stamped and automated assist is provided that enables user to easily position all four of them at roughly the same time for easy playback and assessment of what was going on at that time across all Recovery efforts captured for that Incident. 


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