Build drag-and-drop incident management toolchains with Flow Designer

xMatters is proud to introduce a game-changer for incident management: Flow Designer! The latest addition to our integration platform, Flow Designer is a simple, visual workflow builder that’s as easy as drag, drop, and done.

To see why we're so excited, check out Introducing Flow Designer. Or watch the power of Flow Designer in action, as we create an orchestrated incident management workflow triggered by a single response.

Ready to get started building your toolchains?
Are you keen to build your incident response workflow from a series of steps that you simply drop into place, but want to know a bit more before you start?

We have a whole new section in the xMatters On-Demand help all about Flow Designer. It contains all you need to know to get going, ranging from getting to know our new addition to how to design a flow to creating steps of your very own.

Want to share your masterpiece?
Take a screen shot of your toolchain and post it here. We'd love to see what you build with Flow Designer, and maybe you can inspire others in the community.

Don't see steps for the tools you use every day?
We're adding new steps all the time, so if you have ideas, let us know. It'll help us prioritize which new steps to develop. In the meantime, we made sure to provide a way for you to easily create your own steps (and because we might not create a step for your proprietary widget that plays a different song based on the event priority - though if you build that, please share!).


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