Flow Designer Thoughts - use additional Responses later in the flow chain (keep Global VARs)

I have some thoughts on the Flow Designer.

1.) Say there is a custom Response to create a ticket (ticket Created). a few hours rolls by and the tech would like to update the ticket or even add a note extra custom ideas come to play .

flow ---   =)

User has xMatters app/email to click to response comment to update ticket event

Flow= createSnowTicket ---> (gather INC data post to Teams/Slack) --> 2 hours later tech arrives on site and either checking into site would like to click a different Response to update ticket)

on another custom response i would like to update the Current Ticket but i cant do it since its a different response trigger .

i was thinking of maybe a Switch in front (so if INC is not created and action=x then go directly to that part of the Flow but then no VARs are there to modify.

i thought of pushing Update Ticket response directly by taking the step and bypassing create and other flows but states step already connect. would be cool on if/then logic to attach. im sure there are updates coming to play with it as well.


I almost would like to look at FLow Designer at the beginning of an integration to have it from start/finish when to control the inbound/ first message to then post all the parameters we gathered such as Incident ID and on the fly modify group to send to.




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