Hide All Devices from Senders

Background - we have a consistent configuration where each user has a "work email" and that's always the device we want senders to target.

Problem - for senders, in the Recipients section, they see a "duplicate" entry for each user because they are getting the general user (person icon) row along with email row. It works either way, but it is just extra noise. 

Is there any way to hide the email device and just show the general user row on the Recipients section? I have looked into form options and profile options and I do not think it is possible. 

The reason this is nice is not only to cut the list in half, but to be able to configure the system so that senders don't have to think about or worry about which devices the recipients have. (This is already the case with picking the general "person icon" choice, but removing the other choices makes it crystal clear)


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