Accessing the xMatters self-service learning portal

Our self-service learning portal steps you through understanding and using xMatters.  It's a great resource for ensuring that you get started quickly and helps you learn features that you'll want to take advantage of later.

To access all self-service tutorials: 

  1. Navigate to learn.xmatters.com 
  2. Click the Register with Code button. 
  3. In the Password field, type xmLaunch123 and then click Enter. 
  4. Enter the requested account information, and then click Submit Form. 
  5. When an email arrives from xMatters Learning Support, open it and click the link. (Tip: If you don’t see the email within a few minutes, check your spam or junk folders.) 
  6. Create your new password and click Reset Password. 
  7. Click the “Log In” link, enter your email address (or username) and password, and then click Log In. 

**Your account on learn.xmatters.com is not tied to your xMatters On-Demand instance, so make sure to remember your login information.


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