Time & Priority Logic

I am in the process of testing out xMatters as part of a trial, and one thing i'll need to do is handle logic & alerts concerning Priority of an Incident, as well as the time.

Example (using ServiceNow as the source system):

We want to use xMatters to engage our support staff for any Priority 1 or 2 incident, at any time of day. So.....if there's a P1 or P2 incident, that should always result in xMatters calling/contacting the appropriate support group, regardless of the time of day.


We also want to use xMatters to engage our support groups for Priority 3 or 4 incidents but only when they occur between 5pm and 8am.


P1 & P2: 24x7 Notification
P3 & P4: 5pm-8am Notification

Another complexity comes in when considering that a P3-4 incident may occur at 10pm, but then get resolved automatically before 8am...at which point we wouldn't want to notify anyone.

So.... thoughts? Ideas? I assume this would involve some shift-logic, and maybe altering the integration script to take this into account, but figured i'd ask here before going down any particular route. Has anyone else solved for this particular process/workflow before?


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