Xmatter email notification alerts on control-M job completion to a Xmatter mail group without any associated INCIDENT

Hi Team,

I have a requirement to send out alert emails to management/business users on some process completion by a set of control-M jobs. I was able to do that successfully in control-M V7 but now after migrating to control-M V9 I was told an INCIDENT is a must to be associated with for any alert emails sent.

As a consequence we are getting many unwanted INCIDENTS generated in our GSD queue on a daily basis.

Can you help me provide a way where I can send those alert emails upon control-M job completions only to the email groups set up in Xmatters but don't want any associated INCIDENTs to be generated for each email alerts. As these alerts are not real INCIDENTs and they are only for information purpose. 


Manoj Kumar Behera




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