Follow The Sun (Most efficient way)?


I was hoping someone could assist me on an issue I've been trying to tackle.  Please see the below screenshot for more context of what I am trying to achieve.

*Above times are local times.

As you can see from above, I am attempting to create a follow the sun rotation where I have two separate teams located in different countries (one in the US and the other in the UK).  I need the UK teams to only be Primary on-call Mondays-Fridays from midnight to 7:59am (essentially graveyard shift for local time but business hours for UK).

So far I have created the following shifts:

  1. Primary NA 08:00-23:59 (Weekdays Only)
  2. Primary NA 00:00-00:00 (Weekends Only)
  3. Primary UK 00:00-07:59 (Weekdays Only)

...and I'm stuck after this because now I'm not quite sure how/where to incorporate the secondary, supervisor, manager and director shifts.

I'm trying to find the most efficient way to create these shifts but the more I work on it the more it's starting to become too convoluted and complex and was wondering if anyone can figure out an easier way to solve the issue I am having.

I've only ever been using "Schedule-based" rotations on all my xMatters schedules but was wondering if the other rotation methods (Event-based or Shift-based) may accomplish what I'm looking for in a more simplistic way.  Or perhaps I'm just overthinking all of this and there's a much easier way to set this up that I'm not seeing.

Any assistance on this matter is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!


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