Running into issues triggering forms from Flow Designer

I've been working in this the last day or so but can't figure out a fix or workaround.

I am migrating an integration we have over from Integration Builder and into Flow. The final step to this has been being able to trigger a form to be sent out. 

If I keep the Inbound Integration like we had in the past and run a POST from flow to that integration, everything works fine.

However, if I instead inject a step for "xMatters Create Event", I continually get the below error message, moreover, it doesn't say where it's failing. I am assuming its the step I just mentioned, but is it happening earlier? Maybe the Switch or the preceding step?


Error Msg:

Script failed with message: org.graalvm.polyglot.PolyglotException: SyntaxError: <eval>:214:1324 Expected comma but found ident

if (typeof(input.properties['Application']) !== 'undefined' && !validFormListPropertyInput(input.properties['Application'], [.....


It then proceeds to list every single value from this property we have on this workflow, titled, Application

The problem with that is that I am not passing all of the applications. In this specific case, I am only passing an array of 3 items and I am doing so explicitly by defining them as the output to the preceding step. I will try and outline an example below...


Step 'Field Comm Escalation':

Input: properties (contains all properties included in a submitted form. Ex. we have 500+ applications available from that property, but only a couple are selected when submitting the form, that is what would be included here, just a few).


output.send_field_comm_form = 'true';
output.apps = input.properties['Application'];
output.bus_impact = input.properties['Business Impact'];

Then we have a switch which checks for the value of send_field_comm_form, whereby if it is 'true' it then directs to the xMatters Create Event, otherwise it does nothing. I also have lots of logic in the previous step to determine the value of send_field_comm_form, however, nothing is working so I just striped all the code to what you see above with just a hard coded, 'true'.

The xMatters Create Event step includes the outputted values from the previous step in their respective properties values, this of course was not working, so I even tried just typing in some random text, to hard code those values. It still failed. I even tried the above in addition to removing the switch step all together, same result.

What makes matters worse here is that the above error message I included is the only thing I have to go on, when clicking on the event in the activity panel, all of the steps are missing, so I am unable to even check the values of the input/outputs for various steps in this flow chain.

My suspicious is that it is happening as a kind of "pre-check" to the xMatters Create Event step, and so none of the logic in that step ever gets run because something is corrupt, potentially the outputs from the previous step, but I have no way of knowing because it wont show that to me in the activity panel.


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